Speaker Suggestions?

After reading good reviews about the latest Mcintosh gear, I purchased a MC402 amp and C2200 preamp. I hope to have found my last purchase and get off the upgrade merry-go-round. Are there any Audiogoners out there with experience with Mac and which speakers should I look at for 20k and under?
$20K or under? You have a lot of options. Great amp/preamp, by the way.

Give us some specifics--room size, music genre preferences, source you will use, cabling, speakers you've heard and liked--and we can start spending your money for you. :-)
Among a lot of options ment by Boa2 I'd choose Sonus Fiber Amati.
Thanks Boa2:

Music preference is mostly Rock from Classic to New Wave, female vocalists, Sarah Maclaughlin etc. with some Electronic/Industrial thrown in. Some Classical on Sunday mornings. Sources, besides the fore mentioned McIntosh amp and pre amp, are a Marantz SA-11CD player or a Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP CD player, Basis 2001 turntable w/Rega arm, Benz Cart., Krell phono stage, cables from Transparent,Cardas and Kimber. Have had many different speakers and have liked Coincident, Avantgarde Duos, Wilson WP5.1. I have been researching speakers from Coincident, the Total Eclipses and possibly B&W.
How about a jm lab Utopia .One on this site now.From what I have read these are up there with the best...
Revel makes one of the most balanced, neutral speakers around. If you're into absolute truth and clarity, without any hint of sterility, then be sure to check out Revel.
Sonus Faber Amati
EgglestonWorks Andra II
Tyler Woodmere
--all will mate well with McIntosh, and give you an engaging, totally non-fatiguing sound. If you're leaning toward B&W, I'd suggest hearing the JM Labs as well.
I second JM Lab Utopia. Not necessarily the Grande (have to have a big room for them) but any of them will match extremely well with McIntosh. I have loved Mc and JM Lab together in my system for years.
Coincident Total Eclipse
Wilson Benesch Chimera

Vandersteen 5A's
If you liked your Avantgarde Duos, you might want to follow the example of Jim Smith. He switched from Duos to Zu Definitions. Who is Jim Smith? He's the original importer of Avantgarde but he has since surrendered the line and joined the Zu camp.
Since I've been involved with Zu, I have corresponded with numerous people who have switched from AVG or Wilson to the Definition. I'm frankly amazed that more of you haven't explored this option. It may well be the best speaker available today.
Revel Ultimas - would sound great with your electronics.