Speaker suggestions

I'm looking for some ideas on a pair of speakers in the $2000 range to go with a Mcintosh MC352 power amp and a C39 Mcintosh Pre amp. This would be for stereo listening not for surround. Any thoughts on Electrostatic speakers compared to conventional speakers.
JM Lab Electra 926 are fantastic with McIntosh. they are very refined, fast and articulate speakers that let the McIntosh sound come through in full glory. Sam Tellig of Stereophile compared them back to back with his Quad 988 electrostats and said the 926s had all the dynamics and even better bass. I am very impressed with the JM Lab + Mcintosh combo and dealers that sell both pair them up. Good luck! Arthur
Planars and electrostatics are going to be much more coherent in that price range. A pair of Magnepan 3.6's are a bargain used. I am a dealer for VMPS and we've garnered numerous rave reviews with our hybrids. Also won "Best of High End" at CES and runner up the next year. You can learn more at the VMPS forum on audiocircle.com. There are alot of different speakers out there but the ones I've recommended are outstanding for the money. I only recently became a dealer and you can search my recommendations from years ago and they're the same. Planars and electrostatics sound much more real imo. The speed of the drivers and their transient response just can't be done with cones until you spend more money and even then it's rare. Good Luck
Good cone speakers are almost always better than lower priced planar/electrostatic type speakers. I use to think just the reverse; but speed and definition is no longer the sole domain of 'big and flat'. Dunlavy speakers are excellent examples of the potential for speed and fineese in a sealed enclosure.