Speaker recommendation for Home Theater

Ok.  I need some advice.  Here is some context:  I’ve been out of the HiFi game for over 10 years.  My last set of speakers were a Magnepan 5.1 setup with 1.6QR mains, CC3 center and surrounds and a REL B3 Sub.  These are starting to buzz due to old age and i figured I might just upgrade all around.    I do love the sound of the Maggies in a surround setup but could be up for a change.  Total budget would be about $15k (+/-) for a 5.1 setup.   I’d also be open to going 7.1.4 with some Atmos action down the road...  

I don’t do much 2 channel listening anymore - kids and forced-family-fun have ruled out time for me to sit anywhere for more than 30 seconds except when watching movies.  

What say you?  
Or instead of getting the Musical Fidelity M6Si integrated for your stereo needs and the Marantz AV8802/8805 HT processor for HT or surround sound movies, I would recommend the Classe Sigma SSP av preamp processor, which is optimized for stereo. If you don’t care about 4k pass through, HDR, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X & Auro-3D you should look for a used discontinued Classe Sigma SSP (early version that does not support the 4k HDR Dolby Atmos, etc) in used markets or some or few Classe dealers might still have it as a demo unit or left over stock. Today it can be had for around $2500 ish used. It originally retailed for $5k when purchased new. This model has been replaced by the Sigma SSP Mk2 version that supports 4k HDR Dolby Atmos etc and it retails for $6k new. They are basically the same preamp processor except the Mk2 version supports latest formats & codecs.

The Classe Sigma SSP’s stereo performance for stereo music playbacks are superb and its surround performance is also very good when set up properly but it lacks auto room correction and instead Classe provides a manual PEQ (Parametrix EQ) which requires proper tools and equipments and thorough knowledge on how to implement it correctly and properly for surrounds. Its stereo performance that stands out. The Sigma SSP sounded more like a high end stereo preamp than a HT processor. And the back panels of the Sigma SSP looks more like a stereo preamp/DAC processor than a HT processor. It has very limited and much fewer connections than all other HT processors. 

Classe originally designed the Sigma SSP as a stereo preamp processor but later on decided to add extra channels to make it as a surround processor. The front LR channels of the Sigma SSP is true differential design or fully balanced design internally all the way but the remaining channels are single ended design but very good single ended ones.
So for the front LR channels I suggest you use XLR balanced cables to connect to a power amp in order to fully optimize the stereo performance of the Sigma SSP. It is also DLNA equipped but its USB input sounded much better than its other digital inputs for streaming stereo music files.

And for the power amp you can get very good quality class AB amps to drive your speakers. I bet the Classe Sigma SSP, especially when using its USB DAC input for stereo digital music files, will outperform the Musical Fidelity M6Si preamp/DAC section.
Good advice. I’ll have a look!

In the meantime I’ve taken a first step.

1. Dynaudio Contour 60 fronts and a 25c center2. Peachtree Audio Nova500 integrated for 2 channel listening3. HT-bypass for powering Contour 60 when watching movies
4. Current Marantz AVR for processing & center/surround power
I’m going to give the new Nova a try. It was just released but I understand it was designed, at least in part by one of the engineers who penned much of the Classe gear so I’m hopeful! This seemed a good compromise to get an acceptable 2 channel system for casual listening along with a good-enough HT setup I can build on in the future.

Once the play-fund recharges I’ll go 7.1 - likely with Dynaudio in-wall speakers and an upgrade to my receiver. I might just stay with a Denon or Marantz receiver which will likely be good enough for 7.1 or a entry Atmos system. Once I get so far I’ll reach back out for more advice :-).

Thanks for all your help!
If you liked Magnepan, the older Magnepan speakers were constructed with wires cemented to the Mylar film and the cement breaks down over the years causing them to buzz. While it is possible to re-cement the wires, the newer Magnepans changed from cemented wires to quasi-ribbon which no longer has this problem. Thus, you might consider new Magnepan speakers.
Thanks for your sugg suggestion,  I think it’s time for a change. I talked with Jim at Magnepan 10 years ago when I had my 1.6 rebuilt (already had it done once) and just am not up for doing it again.