Speaker Recomendation

Equipment: Amp- Rowland Model 10
Pre Amp- Rowland Synergy
CD Player- Sony XA 9000 ES
I am in a 13'X 15' room. The room is fully treated as designed by a professional.

Paul Houston
I love the B&W Nautilus line of speakers. Depending on budget, the Nautilus 802's are extremely nice. Imaging is wonderful, crystal clear highs and mids. Listen and you'll see!
Any Aerial Loudspeaker will make your system shine! Guaranteed!!

B&W nautilus, Aerial Acoustics are nice speakers. I would add Thiel audio 2.4's, any Avalon Acoustics speakers and any Kharma speakers to your list.


you mention nothing about what type of sound you prefer or what type of music you prefer. That would be recommending a Nissan Z and you prefer a 4 door sedan for the family.

There is no perfect component out there, they just have different sounds. The speaker choices recommend above are good choices but if you wanted a warm sound, maybe not. DO you like an open sound such as Vandersteen or more dynamics like a Talon? How much do you want to spend?

You need to be more specific to get a better list of choices.

Happy Listening
Yes, tell us what your preferences are. If it were my own system, I would be auditioning various Thiel and ProAc speakers (who both are fairly balanced and have good imaging, but with their own character, for sure) to hear which ones fit with the rest of your system. Or, if this were a second system, and I already had dynamics in another system (and perhaps even if I didn't), I would check out Martin Logans and Quads for a different approach.

But your preferences are really going to drive this recommendation.

Auditioning is the most important thing. Take the recommendations people give you as a starting point for brands and models to go out and try to audtion yourself. That said, here is one recommendation for the Vonschweikert VR-2. A lovely full-range speaker that has provided me with absolute enjoyment. I have owned Thiel's as well and Magnepan's. There are many great speakers out there but there is no part of your system that is more subjective than speakers. You should really only consider those you can listen to first.
i would add revel to the list
studios or salons. the synergy would be first rate
Being a musican,singer/songwriter. And I've worked with composers in California. Spending 30 years in recording studios.Also on film projects, television, & the record biz.
I've heared many many systems from tube & solid state.
And my conclusion 4 the best sound & money in Amps, Preamps, & Turntables R... Audio Research,
Conrad Johnson, Manley, Tenor, Balanced Audio, Ayre, Jeff Roland, Theta, Oracle, VPI, Wilson, Aerial, & Vandersteen. These are straight forward great components!
That will get you very close to the original master recording!
Have a look at Merlin.merlinmusic.com.See the threds/posts at Agon and Audioasylum.
Good Luck and enjoy the journey.