Speaker Mods?

Hello:anyone knows who makes quality mods for speakers such as changing tweeters and upgrading the crossover?
i currently own a pair of paradigm refernce v-40-2 and while i like the amount of bass it gives the high freq could be a little harsh at moderate levels,i need a speaker about this size and found it difficult to find a small speakers w/the paradigm bottom end at a reasonable price and therefore an upgrade path may be a viable alternative,thanks so much.AL
my system:
sim audio moon i-5
resolution audio transport and dacs.
synergistic res ic and dh labs q-10 speaker wire,i'm looking for a more delicate and refined performance without
sacrificing detail and neutrality.
There isn't such a thing as tweeter upgrade or any other driver. If you upgrade any driver you'll have to redesign cabinet and crossover together meaning make totally different speaker.

Crossover upgrade should be available only from the manufacturer.

This seems to imply that if you change the tweeter then you'll have to modify the crossover, but that this is a perfectly feasible thing to do with a given cabinet.

You might want to call Madisound and ask their advice. I haven't used them personally, but I see them referred to frequently on hifi boards. I think they'll supply the designs for the modified crossovers based on your information.

Good luck ... be careful !
Just my .02 worth,I have dealt with madisound on a couple different occasions and they are good people to deal with in my experience.If you decide on a tweeter that will mount in your cabinet somewhat hassle free,you can send your drivers and crossover to madisound and they can modify your crossover to suit your tweeter and they can upgrade your crossover as well.Just for the record,one might be suprised what better parts in your crossover will do for your speakers.
There is a member here with a set of Avalon Acoustic Eclipse who put a Eidolon midrange in place of the tweeter. I spoke to him one evening and he seemed truely happy with the mod, I would have tried it if I didn't have to cut larger holes in the cabinets. I am not sure if something like that would work for you, but there is a chance. That being said I am going to have to agree with the statements made above, I would not recomend upgrading those speakers in particular, money could be spent in other places having a better effect. Check out www.zalytron.com I know they can do everything you want to get done, they tend to help a lot of DIY'ers but I am sure they can upgrade anything, all it takes is $$$. Good luck
Why not try changing cables from a copper/silver hybrid (Q-10)to all copper? Since you have Synergistic Res. IC, try their speaker cables (I have the Signature 2 and find the highs to be smooth).

If that doesn't work, I would be inclined to replace the Paradigms rather replace drivers and crossovers.
Good Luck, Dave