Speaker Footers and Amp stands

I'm wondering if there are 'worthwhile' advantages to placing floorstanding speakers onto stands, braces, outrigger etc, sorts of devices. sonically?

...and are amp stands always weight and type, specific or not?

Like having an amp stand for a 100lb SS amp and then using it for a 80-90lb tube amp... or is the diffs so large as to indicate another amp stand when getting another amp?

As some I've seen have a range of wieght and non-specific as to type, I'd sure hate to have to change stands out with amps too, as I am thinking about getting one.
Hmmm... no one uses stands for floor mounted speakers?

Sound anchors used to be the popular choice, I would have thought some newer and better items had come along since them.

Any experiences there or swapping out amps using the same stand would be very graciously received and appreciated.

When I had my Thiel CS 7.2 and Pass Labs X600's I put each them on a Sistrum Sp-101. I will let your ears determine what improvements they bring. The best part is you can demo them for 30 days and if you do not like them send them back.
Talk to Robert and he will get you where you need to be.
Here is the link http://www.starsoundtechnologies.com/SinglePlatforms.HTML
Email me and I will send you some pix of the 210 lb. Thiel's on the Sistrums.

Irish65 Gee thanks. I didn't know about the Sistrum Sp-101 being a suitable support for speakers.

I am assuming from your post they suitably improved things enough to suuport the costs.

I will look into it.

The triangular shape has enough surface area to also add stability?
I've used the Equarack Footers to great effect under my amps. They are better than my Grand Prix Monaco amp stands which I have now sold! They also have the benefit of being good value, returnable if you don't like them, and versatile. You can use them under other products as they can be configured for almost any weight.

Thank you.
Better than the Monaco? Suits me. Who sells them?
10-4. thank you.
You are welcome, let me know what you make of the Equarack Footers?
I'm gonna have to look them over more. What I'm seeing doesn't make much sense.... a container with little mushy pebbles in it? Is that what these are?
Yes, put crudely that is what they are. Don't worry if it makes sense or not, just try them and listen. My guess is that you don't understand how your TV, computer or local nuclear power station work, but you still use them. But you could probably study some physics and come to understand them as they don't use any revolutionary theories or technology. Its low tech and it works.

They are better than the highly regarded Grand Prix gear in my system, and if you don't like them you are free to get a full refund.
thanks much. Good point.