speaker cables for sub and speakers

I wish to use a subwoofer with a pair of Focal speakers I recently bought, and want to spend my money wisely. I wish to know if there are differences cable requirements from amp to sub vs from sub to speakers. I would think not but I still have to ask. Ordinarily I'd expect to buy two sets of speaker cables each set exactly the same as the other, but if money is better spent on one set vs the other it will help guide my choice.
There are cables designated as subwoofer cables, which are hopefully constructed to optimize low frequencies. I think you want one set of speaker cables for the Focals and subwoofer cables for you subs. I pay less for sub cables than for speaker cables.
Forget that. Missed your older post. I think Al already answered your question.
My preference is for REL subs which allow you to output via your amp mains to the sub so that it sees the same signal as your speakers. Seems to integrate better.