Speaker Cables Arros/Marantz SR8400

I am looking to change my speaker cables to something that might fit a little better with my system. My current equipment is as follows:

-Totem Arro mains
-Totem Dreamcatcher monitors for rears
-Marantz SR-8400 receiver
-Onix Rocket ULD-10 subwoofer (revelation cadence II subwoofer interconnect)
-NAD T-531 DVD player (CANARE LV-77S RCA Coaxial Digital Audio Cable)
-Kimber Kable 4vs.

I was told by an audio dealer that the kimber kable might make the system sound a little bright. I would rather not spend more than $100 on a five to six foot pair of cable and I don't mind buying used. I was just wondering if there was anything in this price range that would provide a little warmer (or better) sound with the Totem Marantz combo. Any other small tweaks (or large ones) that would contribute to a better over all system synergy would be welcomed...


I had Totem Tress paired with my Totem Arros and actually preferred Signal Cable in place of them. They were warmer and a little fuller in the bass. They did give up a little in terms of transparency and detail (very little) but I found them easier to listen to. You may want to give those a shot to start? I was using the shotgun series.