Speaker cables and interconnects - help!

I am building a Krell system using the FPB 350MC mono-bloc amps, Krell 250a3 amp and the Krell Audio+Video processor and finally NHT speakers for all channels. I would like any suggestions as to interconnects and speaker cables that anyone could recommend. Thanks for your input.
I've been an audiophile for over 40 years, and I think I must have died and gone to heaven since I recently replaced my name-rand interconnect and speaker cables with STEALTH. I strongly urge you to contact [email protected], their designer, for a recommendation for your particular system. He'll tell you to make the speaker cables as short and thick as you can. I've recently done that and it helped the sound a lot. You could look at www.interlinkhouse.com at various models, but direct contact with the designer would be best.
I, too, am a long-time audiophile, and I have been using Kimber Kable products for many years. My personal opinion, after a lot of listening, is that speaker cables and interconnects are less critical in a home theater system than in a strictly 2-channel audio setup which you use solely to listen to music. I'm sure that other readers may disagree, but I believe that the visual factor in home theater, plus the 5.1 surround sound, involves us on a very different level than listening to music alone. Hence, I suggest that you consider Kimber 8TC for your front speakers (l,c,r), and Kimber 4TC for the rear surrounds. Kimber also makes several excellent interconnects at moderate prices: the Hero, and the Silver Streak. As a final option on interconnects, there is a new company called "Home Grown Audio" that is offering assembled and kit forms of an all-silver interconnect that is excellent. I recently purchased two of their all-silver interconnect kits for $40 each, and the parts quality is superb. The sound quality with these interconnects is as good as I've heard in my system. You can check out their products at: www.homegrownaudio.com
Use good stuff up front dont spend more than 1.50/2.00 a foot on your rears.
I'd like to echo the comments of Sdcampbell -- I've got a pair of the Kimber Monocle XL's (which I love) but they retail for $1,100 or so, and that it more than anyone needs to spend on cables (and a lot more than I did, luckily). The homegrown audio Silver Solution kits are, in nearly all respects, the equivalent of Kimber's KGAC interconnect ($440 for a meter) for the price of $40 for a kit. I built four of them last night (admitedly, a pain in the ass--took me four hours) but really can't say enough about them. Look around, consider the options, but include these guys in your considerations. They deserve quite bit of credit.
I live in Syracuse, NY...not a lot of high end here. I too have to rely on feedback from others. Earlier this year a well known speaker designer recommended DH Lab's new Q-10. NO TIZZ! Very pleased with this cable for under $300 for 10' bi-wired. Great sounding cable!
PS-I am a Krell man as well
TARALabs.com You can use their free online recommendation system and then email them back and forth for more questions. Great folks at TARA Labs. They actually custom make all their own cables!