Speaker cable suggestions

So my vandersteen 2ce sig's are on their way. Also, I have a mccormack dna-1 deluxe. Preamp is a Rotel RC995, CD player is also a Rotel. For interconnects, I am using the older MIT 330 shotguns.

I like to listen to acoustic, rock, and electronic music. So far I have been getting by with some cheapo monster speaker cables, but since the vandersteen is bi-wireable, it's a good time to upgrade.

Some people say that I should stay with MIT, since I am already using MIT for IC's. What are your thoughts? My range is $250-$550. What models (MIT or others) would you recommend with my setup and preferences? Please help...personal experiences would help greatly. I know there are alot of Vany/McCormack people out there.

Why not buying a wire instead of terminated cable?
You pay extra >$100 for termination and connectors in this crazy 'phile market?
Check the vandenhul cite for cables and buy bulk CV125 which is ideal for speakers and will cost you ~$60...70 total.
I would suggest you try out Acoustic Zen Satori which offer many virtues with little downside sonicly. Their just about at the upper limit of your budget new but are often offered used here on the GON for less money. Hope this helps.

I've tried a lot of different cables over the years, none of them priced much higher than your stated range. There's a lot of hype and "black art" explanations regarding wire in general (and as we all know, outrageous profit margins in most cases). I won't get into wires that haven't worked for me, but will point out a couple that I like. For very little money QED Silver Anniversary wire is quite good, and I've long been a fan of Goertz Micropurl. These products aren't really suited to your rig, you have some nice gear that deserves a bit better. In your price range I can only recommend DH Labs Q10, I suggest you get ahold of DH and give the Q10's a try. The wire is well made and backed by some great guys, Greg has been very helpful to me. No, I don't have a personal stake in DH in any way, I happen to like their stuff and feel it's a product I'm very comfortable recommending to other 'philes.
I used to have Audience AU24 with my McCormack gear (driving dynaudios at the time). It's really wonderful, nad in your price range. Acoustin Zen also a reasonable choice.
Signal Cable silver resolution -exactly in your price range- I would not trade mine for other types- Ive had several previously (not to drop any names) Talk to Frank at SC -hes always glad to help answer questions
I use MIT Magnums M3 with all Krell gear and Martin Logan speakers. Very Pleased with MIT. I hope this helps.
Try a pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9's. They are in your price range used, and new, depending on the length you require.