Speaker Cable for BW N802 and JC1

Looking for a speaker cable to match Bw N802 with JC1. Your opinion and recommendation would be appreciated.

I tried a bunch of things over the years and finally went with Kubala-Sosna Emotion. I did like these Pure Note cables as well but the KS were better, just very pricey.
I have the B&W 802D's. I asked this same question awhile ago. I settled on the new Purist Aqueous bi-wired speaker cables. IMO they sound wonderful...extremely quiet. The music seems to come out of nowhere. Crystal like highs and a wonderful bass. Build quality is something to behold too. Of course all this is relative to everything else, i.e. your amp, source, line quality...and most important, the listening room. These speakers need lots of clean power to realize their potential.
I used to have the 802d and the Parasound A21. I used the Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables which complimented the slightly warm nature of the BW and Parasound. The Red Dawns are fast and dynamic.
I am currently running it with PS Audio Statement. I am happy with it. Just think of somthingelse maybe better.
I have to agree with JPPenn - the PAD Aqueous Anniversary cables in a bi-wire configuration ( Purist ADDS conductors to make their bi-wire) should be a great cable for you - one that has you enjoying the music and has your toes tapping to it. Keep in mind that PAD cables are a bit unusual in that you are charged for the main part of the cable, but the tails ( 20" on each end) don't count in the length (ie - a 2M PAD cable will actually be 3M in end to end length). Enjoy!