Speaker Cable for Accuphase and Final 1000i's

I have Accuphase P-800 and Final 1000i's. I listen to jazz, female vocals and instrumental music the most. My goal is preserve the warm rich detailed sound of the Accuphase and let the soundstage, openness, transparency and speed of the Finals come alive.

Price range in Used/Demo cables is $500 to $1500.
I don't have access to alot brands due to my location in NW Michigan. So any help here would be most appreciated!!!

This is why I need help! I don't know what the best cable/gear interaction would be. My research has only slightly narrowed my choice to:

Kimber - Monocle XL
Analysis Plus - Big Silver Oval or Solo Crystal
Tara Labs - Decade or RSC Air 1/2
ZU Cable - Ibis
XLO - Ref 2 or 3
StraightWire - Crescendo
Wireworld - older gold eclipse
Nordost - SPM

OTHERS that would be a lot better match with my gear?
Thank you, David
MIT works great with my Accuphase: MH750 Magnum biwire is what I have now. Member Joeabrams is THE MIT guy you need to talk to regarding your specific needs & budget.

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