Speaker Bass

I have speakers that rest on carpet. I want to tighten up the bass. I have brass feet that do not penetrate the carpet. Should I get longer spikes or as a friend suggests isolate them from the floor? The carpet rests on wood under layment. There is a wife acceptance factor at work, too. All help is greatly appreciated.
I had exactly the same situation as you describe and tried various spikes, V-pads, platforms, etc.

What I finally settled on were Herbies decoupling disks which fit between your spikes and the carpet to efffectively isolate the speaker from the floor and give significantly improved dynamics. It worked for me.
I use Isoblocks (laminated cork and rubber) which do a decent job of decoupling without sucking much life out of the sound. The bass is pretty tight, but has a certain warmth to it that I enjoy.
My listeninwg area has carpet over poured cement. I've put my speakers on wood on Travertine tile. This should be something you can try with purchases (mainly) from the local hardware store. If the WAF is not there, you won't have spent a fortune. For my system, "rubbery" options didn't sound good. Seemed to lose focus. FWIW, my system is posted. Good luck.
I thank everyone for their suggestions. I am going to try two methods. One is to try to isolate the speakers and the other to have the spikes turned to a finer point. Again thanks, Steve
Adona platform shelves worked for me. Place the granite side face down on the carpet and rest the speakers on the MDF side. You can spike the speakers into the MDF if desired. Another benefit of this is that I can move my speakers very easily, no small task considering how heavy they are.
spikes, the more you raise, the less boom. Same as if moving them further away from walls.