speaker base help

1st thank you all for some excellent advice on my speaker purchase. I went with a used Meadowlark Kestel Hot Rod and I think that it's going to work out well.

One concern with the Kestrel is that because of its elegant shape ( about 9" x 9" x 3' high ), one of my kids or their friends is going to knock it over. I'm thinking that a solution might be a stone base - approximately 15" x 15"- that would be through bolted to the the treaded sleeves at the bottom of the speaker where the spikes are intended to go. I'd probably put a thin rubber gasket between the speaker and the stone and nylon casters on the bottom of the stone. The stone will most likely be soapstone since I can get it & its easy to work with. The stone would sit on a wood floor.

Is this a good idea? Thanks again.
Yes,as I see it. --But get spikes and the protector pods; or whatever name they go by,to protect the floor. The casters won't help the bass reproduction at all; to say the least.
I use granite slabs ¾”x 15”x22” to isolate my speakers because my system is on the 2nd floor of my house. I got the granite from a Counter Top installation company. When installing the material they cut out for the built in ranges and sinks. The cut outs are left for trash. I gave the installation guys $20.00 and they cut it size for me. Masonry Drill Bits are available at most major Hardware stores.

Good luck.
Thought I might add that when you add a base to your speakers, make sure you do not use the base to move the speakers. They might not be designed to do more than support the speaker, such as the B&W speakers with SA stands! The stands do help in my opinion though. Using Sound Anchor with B&W 804N"s Best, Charlie