Speaker Advise Please Looking for a Lively Sound

Hello All!

I am looking for a set of used in the 2-3 k range.

My speaker of choice would be something on the more forward side for the upper midrange and tweeter output. Even slightly on the bright side is ok. I say this because I find dark sounding speakers not so pleasing to my ears (They just put me to sleep: zzZZZ).

The room is of moderate size with high cealings.

My equipment is top notch: Symphonic Line amp and pre, Vimak CD, SME Arm with Koetsu...Yada Yada Yada

Ok folks let it fly!

Totem Forrest or Sonus Faber Grand Piano are the champs in the range and demands you're describing...
I believe a pair of Thiels would suit your taste and budget. Used 3.6s or 2.4, 2.3 are in the range. Every time I hear these speakers they get my attention with thier detailed sound but eventually the brightness wears me out. Good luck.
Hi, try some JM Labs Utopia or Cobalts....lots of lively sound and easy to drive.
I second the Thiels.

From what you describe, you might also be a candidate for electrostatic or planar speakers, such as Martin Logan or Magnepan.