South Fl. CDP Repairs/Mods

I have a Cary 303/100 cdp that possibly needs-per Cary-a laser loader.
Can anyone recommend a technician here in South Fl. that does this type of work?
At the same time, I'd also be interested in any modifications.

Larry at Hollywood Sound has a workshop and does general repairs and the like. He's a nice guy, and seems quite capable.  I do not know his limitations, but I am of the opinion that he can do this repair and would tell you if he couldn't.  Tell him Mark with the Tecnodec and Lyra Delos sent you :-)
Thank you Mark.
 I met Larry a few years ago.
Yes, he is a nice guy and I'll give him a call on Tues.
Thanks again and I will tell him Mark and Lyra gave me the recommendation.
:-) always good to be able to give referrals to local businesses!

keep me posted. Happy Listening!