Soundsmith Strain Gauge - Thank You!

Someone tipped me off to a Strain Gauge for sale. It was a few weeks ago and I've lost track of who, it should be there in my PMs and emails but nada. So anyway I got it, and it is not here yet but I have you to thank- whoever you are!😂 Sorry but I guess I get a lot more messages than I thought😁 Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.

Last time I needed replacement SGS-5 stylii, I had the option of going to Boron, was informed there was a tad more warmth w this option. I remain unsure about the fussiness of the SDS-6 stylii, hence have stuck w the SDS-5. What's now happened is that the full potential of the Boron SDS-5 is realised w the more nuanced and tonally full sound.

However I believe the Boron option is not standard issue. 

After an over 6 month wait I got my SG 400 back, with 4 new or rebuilt styli.  
I might post a threat about it and using a long working distance microscope for alignment.