Soundline ribbon loudspeakers..., anyone??

OK, these speakers have caught several people's attention here, including yours truly. There have been (3) prior "posts" asking if anyone owns a set, has heard a pair?? No replies!

For around $3500. a pair, (using a ribbon supplied by Bohlender-Graebener, the same co. who make the drivers for the ultra-expensive Wisdom speaks, according to TAS # 144 --surly SOMEONE by now has at least HEARD 'em and can comment???
How do they compare to Logans, Maggies, Apogees, etc.?? Anyone!?! These insatiable inquiring minds want to know! ;)

Does anyone have soundline's web url?

Wow Kw6, you pulled this one up from the past!

Sadly, despite an intriguing design and a review in TAS, looks like this company is O.O.B.
They used to use BG's but now are using a superior ribbon design and have won best of high end at CES for technology and value. Many excellent reviews listed in a sticky at the beginning of the forum threads. Here's a link to their forum at audiocircle: