Sound/video quality of a Sony ES 400 disc changer?

I have a Sony DVPCX777ES 400 disc DVD/CD changer connected to an Arcam AVR300 via a Kimber D-60 cable and to a Sony 60XS 60" TV via BlueJeans component cables. Sound and video seem good to me but I'm wondering if I can improve on it any? Via the D-60, it's utilizing the AVR300's DACs (which supposedly are excellent). If I want to listen in 'direct mode' though or with any SACDs, I need to go with an analog connection. How good are the DACs in my changer if I attempt this? I love having the convenience (and safety) of all of my discs loaded in there away from dirty fingers and other possible damage (wife, 3yo. 9yo). Will adding any external jitter reduction or DAC offer any significant stereo sound improvement (relative to the cost new/used)? I've got a Sony 7700 ES DVD/CD player in another setup that I may move just for comparison (it will be a pain to move/setup and I'm limited on shelf room).

Thanks for any input on any possible improvement.
If you can, perform your own listening test experiments. Arcam versus the Sony DAC...if the differences are minimal or not audible then you have nothing to worry about!