Sound signature of jps labs power cord

I would like to know someone are familiar whit jps labs pc?
Does they give better dynamic(particularly bass impact)or maybe they slow down the sound?
I don't know if they slow down the sound. While I love this hobby my ears are not that good. I have several and have found that any JPS cable is pretty high up the food chain. I guess it depends on what you are replacing if youn will be happy.
As far as JPS goes... great stuff, nice people and they stand behind their products.
I own four of their AC+(8ga.)models.Two on my McIntosh 501 monoblocks,one of my C42 preamp,and one on my original Shunyata conditioner.Also two of their digital cords on my Wadia transport & dac.They're not coming out.Great synergy in my system.As for their sonic signature.I would say that is outstanding bass definition/impact.They are also very backround quiet,which produces superb dynamics.Excellent value at their price points.All brands offer different results,you have to see what works in your system.I'm satisfied the the overall sound I've achieved with the JPS cords.