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IFI Zen blue vs Bluesound Node 2i
iFi currently sells the Zen Stream. It is a streamer only and does not have a DAC.  
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
I like the Wyred4Sound 10th Anniversary! 
Percentage of mp3 vs FLAC on Tidal?
I have been going round and round with Logitech and Tidal trying to get my Squeezebox to play Tidal in the higher quality format. Yesterday was great I had no buffering issues and listened to music for almost 2 hours. Today I am back to buffering ... 
Tidal vs. Spotify
Just installed Tidal, had been using Spotify. Tidal is much better. My draw back is the selection of music appears a little bit more limited.My one question is how do I get my android phone or tablet to act as a remote off my laptop that streams t... 
Dynaudio Pricing
I would think if they were a solid "8" you should have an easy sale at $1700. Maybe a little better if they are a premium finish like a Birdseye maple.They are an excellent speaker perhaps bested only by the Dynaudio Special 25's. 
Outstanding Service from Logitech
I know nothing about Keurig coffee makers and the their customer service. If they are anything like the Logitech support people my next coffee maker will be a Keurig.The Canadians that service the Logitech devices are awesome! 
Macbook Pro As CD Source
Get a nice USB cable and Spotify and you have a pretty nice jukebox. Wyred4sound has one.I am running my PC to my wryed4sound DAC and it sounds great. I read a review on some gear and I have a high probability of finding that same piece of music t... 
Alt Country/Folk, American roots
Tom RussellBill MorrisseyDave AlvinNanci GriffithJimmie Dale Gilmore 
Price of a clean pair of Dynaudio 1.3se?
on the cheap? but a fair price woud be $1500+ 
PS Audio DLIII vs. Wyred4Sound Dac1/2
Ditto comments by Magnumpi205. I have owned PS Audio as well as a modded version by Cullen and also a DAC 1 as well as what I call a w4s "DAC 1.5" which is a a DAC 1 with some upgrades to the USB and better caps. The w4s DAC is a great DAC. 
Which companies deserve a star for Christmas
Wyred4soundJPS LabsLogitechDynaudioSMc Audio 
Upgrade Sota Comet or buy a used table?
Thanks again for all the help. I think at this point I am leaning to the SOTA Comet upgrade. My worst case is I can recover a big part of my investment when I do upgrade, and I will have a like new table and arm until then.Thanks again for all the... 
Upgrade Sota Comet or buy a used table?
So far I have got a lot of good advice and opinions. I really have multiple options now. New tonearm or a complete rebuild and keep it for awhile, and trade up later. Then again I could just take my upgrade money and buy a better used table.Please... 
Proper amp for Dynaudio Focus 110, $2000 max
Anatoly you are correct and while there are many to choose from I am using an McCormack ALD-1 with Revision A upgrades. 
Best small speakers?
+ 2 for Dynaudio