sound quality of classe ca 150's as monoblocks ?

I have been using a classe ca 150 with my Onix ref 3's and am pleased with the sound, I was wondering if by getting a second 150 and using the 2 as mono amps would give me better performance as opposed to buying a classe 301 amp, thanks
Call Arman at Classe and ask him that question. He's very friendly and will give you his opinion even if you are buying used. I would bet he would say the 301, and the 301 is a "younger machine" than 2 150's . But again , run the question by him. Good Luck !
Unfortunately, per a post on Audioasylum, Armin is no longer at Classe. I don't know what service is like now, as I have only dealt with him.
Wow that sucks ! He was the best !
He certainly was.