sound difference MIT ORACLE AC1 vs ELROD vs PURIST

I am thinking to select one of the three on title.
i would like to know your suggestions on sound differences, if any.
my system is: mac mini/Cary 306 SACD as transports.
MIT M2 Speaker cables


I haven't heard the other two but I've been extremely happy with the superb Elrod Statement and its Gold version. I have described Elrod's qualities and gave my detailed impressions in my review:

We have similar systems, mine is DMA 360's, BADA, MIT Oracle Matrix and MA-X digital, Sasha's. I like the AC1 but overall I preferred the Acoustic Revive Power Reference. The MIT filtered cables can sound compressed just a bit to me, especially on amps but even on digital gear. I actually preferred the Z3 to the networked AC cables but the Acoustic Revive sound much more natural, organic and are near as quiet. I had one Elrod, forget which, and found it a bit dark. I have not heard the PAD. The only other I liked near as much as the AR would be the Shunyata CX series or the Nordost Valhalla (a tad bright).
Dear John & Richard,
thanks for your kindly response.
Currently I use a MIT Magnum AC1 to the Quantum QB8 Distribution. From the distributor to BADA and Spectral, two Quantum PC's (which I found as excellent price/quality ratio).
I prefer more darker sound, with a backward soundstage.
Congratulations to you, both, for your systems.
Reading on this forum, it seems that the Elrod's cables could be more darker then other. I'd like to understand, to begin, how the EPS 2 Signature may affect the sound.
I second the Elrod. I have two feeding my system. One from the wall to my balanced conditioner on my source, the second from my second balanced conditioner to my amp.
They seem to be very neutral. Mine are EPS-2 Signature's.
You can get them used for around $500 or less.
There is a 4ft pair on here now.
I noticed that especially the BADA is subject to the modifications induced in the power cord. With the assumption that the final result also depends by the system as a whole, but what kind of change can be described with the addition of Elrod? or MIT cables?
I have the latest generation Elrod Silver Statement speaker cables and power cords. I don't find them to be dark at all. If they sound dark in the system look elsewhere as they are tonally the most neutral and transparent products (in their categories) that I have tried.
Thanks Linkster,
I acquired the ones which Zmanastronomy suggested me here on Audiogon. I Will test it and then I Will write here my notes.
one more question, the Elrod PC,s are specialized with regards to the components ? ( like Stealth for example: for amplifiers, for pre ....etc)
I spoke with David about the EPS-2 Sig on my amp. It's touted as a source PC, but he said it would work great on my Tube amp. And it does. In the same line of Signature series, the EPS-3 is for amps. So far the EPS-2 is doing fine.
I have not heard the other two offerings you mention however I can tell you out of all the other pcs, interconnects and speaker cable brands I've owned up and down the scale over the years, that I am EXTREMELY happy and blown away by what the Elrod latest generation cables bring to my system. They bring a transparency, energy, dynamic and realistic musical experience to my room that I did not think was possible and has been absent from many of the systems I've heard over the years at shows, dealers, etc...(even those costing 200-300K). I have Statement Gold PCs on my amp as well as pre-amp and DAC and they work equally well on all component types. You should definitely give Elrod a try in your system...
I will try to use it as input of my Quantum distributor and then switch to Berkeley.
I will test it to replace the quantum cable which I found very attractive in term of lower bass extension.
It is incredible how the power cables can modify and improve the sonic performance of components, expecially with Kharma which is very sensible to any change.
Which main difference (in term of sonic features) between old and new series of Elrod cables?
I went with the EPS-2 Signature because of finances. The newer the better from all the reveiws I've read. Go with what you can afford. If I could afford it I would step up to the Statement series.
I cannot comment on specifics of the EPS2 versus current Statement series as I never owned the EPS2 cables. You may want to do a search on EPS and Statement on the discussion forums and on Virtual Systems and contact people who have owned one or both. The info I pulled back from doing this seemed to me to indicate that the Statement series give increased amounts of energy, refinement, huge sound stage and musicality to the system.
I have 2 Statement Golds. One to the PS Audio Quintet and one to the dCS dac. Simply love them! Compared to the MIT Oracle AC-2 and AC-2, the MIT sounded thick and slow. The fact that the Elrod cables are not taken seriously in the audio press is proof to me that you can buy attention and that the pursuit of the best by reviewers is restricted to the field of friends and dollars (advertisement money).
finally I received the EPS-2 Signature.
This cable seams to be magic. I compared it to the Magnum AC and Elrod seems to give more depth and more body to the sound. The cable is connected to the Quantum QB8 Distribution. Kharma speakers seem, even more, disappear from the scene. Bass are much present and with greater impact. I reinserted the pre Spectral DMC15, in the chain, even though many people claim that the BADA go directly coupled to the Final. The result is magnificent.
If you could hear a audible difference between the cables you must be Superman.
Well do not have to possess super hearing to discern the difference between a MIT Magnum AC and an Elrod ;-)
Caliaripaolo: Enjoy!!!
I echo the experience Caliaripaolo had. I have my EPS-2 signature from a dedicated line to my Signature DU-2 wired in ballanced mode and my other EPS-2 is from my Signal DU-5 to my amp. The neutral balance and weight of the music was very nice. It also opened up the soundstage quite a bit.
Dynamics are better also. More attack.
From what I understand, The Statement series is even better. I'm very pleased with the EPS-2's. I'm waiting for a EPS-3 to show up used to go to my amp.
dear Highend4me, as you know hi-end is like "esoteric". You "feel" sometimes the music instead to "hear" the music. I was skeptical that a power cord, was able to change the sound. It is obvious that if you listen to music while running in the house or clean the floors, you can hardly appreciate all the sound harmonics that a system can give you. I agree with you that we are talking about subtleties, but the sum of these make a system more engaging. One important gear of my system is this new Elrod cable.
The Statement Gold PCs dig into all aspects of the music; they also inject a life and energy that took me by complete surprise. Pacing, imaging, tonality and other aspects took a large leap forward with Elrod's various offerings in my system...
Zephyr24069, I see in your system (which is great) you use all Elrod's cables. I have all spectral gears so MIT cables are the best I ever heard. May you describe the improvement you found introducing interconnecting cables?
I have been through many mid-high end cable transitions over the years and had read and talked to several people who had extremely good things to say about Elrod PCs. My cable transitions going back several years have been a series of very good experiences where I gained many improvements in key aspects of the system. After a year or longer with a given PC or speaker cable or interconnect, my listening experience would 'plateau' and I would experiment again.

I had heard the Statement Gold PC latest generations of cables were a design breakthrough that added even more energy and realism to the listening experience together with the PCs digging even deeper in into the music in every way. I had also heard that Elrod had made breakthroughs in interconnect and speaker cable designs.

The Statement Gold PCs added incredible energy and depth to the system and expanded the sound stage and full range of the system. It was very impressive to begin with; they added incredible 'life' to the system. The Signature Gold speaker cables showed me just how much the Focus SE speakers are capable of and pushed out the boundaries of my room even further and deeper than ever before in combination with the PCS. The interconnects gave the final mile in terms of adding incredible sound stage additional depth, breadth, width and height as well as refinement. They also in combination with everything else gave me micro-dynamics and even more "life" and realism in what I am hearing. It's very hard to describe in a few sentences all the changes these cords have made in the system as whole...
BTW...the other cable options on this thread are great in their own right and I've heard or owned various top-level models from the other manufacturers as well as others (Tara, AQ, Transparent, Synergistic, etc...). For me, the total package I am looking for sonically is provided with Elrod...
Its not boxing its YOUR system and what you like.
Just another one to consider, I was planning and ready to go with the latest Elrods. But I heard NVS Sound, and stubmled upon something really special.

That said, I think both the NVS and Elrod Gold had the largest and most profound effect on the sound out of the multiple power cables I tried. They were very different, but they were both immediately obvious.

I still use a handful of the older Elrod Statement cables, and these remain a great PC and a good value to boot.
I had few time to test the cable but the first impressions have been confirmed. Sound scene is more open and detailed. High frequencies are "real", not harsh.
The sound image as a whole seems to be more deeper, larger and palpable.
Many users in this forum say that the addition of Elrod PC cables have a cumulative effect. Do you confirm?
I don't know whether "cumulative" is the best word, nevertheless I agree. I had started with a single Elrod Statement, and finally ended with 4 Statements in my old system, this worked very well.
To optimize the power system is a very complicated task indeed. For details, you may read - topic power feed - very interesting reading.
In short - sharing the same design principles for all your power cables and your power strip can be advantageous to manage the outer and inner interfering fields. This may be an explanation for a "cumulative" effect.
So having an all Elrod system can be a step in the right direction.
I now have a complete Schnerzinger power distribution system, with perfectly fulfills the concept of an integrated power system, sharing the same (and very sophisticated) design principles throughout the system - from the wall outlet to all devices.
As with Uli's comments, I'm not cumulative is the best word but I agree wholeheartedly with the point...
I mean that the addition of each Elrod's power cord adds more features, according to a cumulative effect. The fact which a power cable may affect in so higher manner the sonic performance of the components, i think depend by many factors. First, the system chain sensibility from source to speakers. Elrod cable seems adds more texture and body to the sound of my system.
Agreed...I would add energy, realism and other attributions to that description to equal what I am hearing with the Elrod cables....
I received a second Elrod EPS 3 Signature. I will use it plugged to the distributor. I kindly ask to the Elrod's users, how you have solved the problem to bend the cable in order to fit the space around.
Caliaripaolo, I have my rack about 1 ft from the wall.
I had to carefully bend and loop the PC to make it work.
I'm going into a balanced cond. so it was a little easier.
If your going into the wall, you might need to kill the breaker to the wall output and take the recepticle out and flip it over to make the termination line up.
Sometimes the IEC and the three prong plug are upside down from each other and wont line up to the wall.
They are a patient tester. It will be worth the effort.
thanks Zmanastronomy. I see in your system as you bended the PC. I will try to carefully bend the cable. I was not sure to make the correct action with the risk of damage. I ordered a 20A to 15A plug in WOODOO adapter to fit the distributor input. Has someone used it?
The best bet is to have at least 1 foot of clearance behind your racks to allow for the stiffer cables as has already been pointed out. Bend the Elrod cables slowly into the alignment you are looking for and then make sure they are supported at various points along the cable length including coming out of the back of your components using a thin board or whatever gets the job done. They take a bit to settle back in sonically after you bend them but assuming they do not move after that and you have them properly supported, they will warm back up and sound great.
I added a third elrod cable (power to Berkeley DAC). I can confirm which, in my system, it seems that the interaction with the others Elrod's enhances the properties of a better soundstage and presence of instruments on the scene.
I echo Caliaripaolo. I put an EPS-3 in place of the 2 on my amp and there was a noticable improvement in energy, attack and bass.
I then put the EPS-2 on my CD players tube output stage and was blown away by the soundstage improveents.
I'll be getting another 3 Fri. to go between my balanced cond and the wall.
That make two 2's and two 3's in my system. They are definately accumulative.
After many months of listening to various combinations of Elrod cables in combination in my system, the cumulative effect on the system is amazing. These powercords (and in my case interconnects and speaker cables) definitely heighten the performance of every component in my system and allow it to dig MUCH deeper into the music stored in every track of each disk that I play. I've said before that I appreciated the thoughts of others regarding cables as "components" in any audio system but in this case, it completely true. The other very nice benefit with the combination of the latest generations of Elrod cables I have in my my system is that the system now has the best tube-like sonic attributes that I was looking for in an audio system while still being an entirely solid state system. My music listening enjoyment has jumped up considerably and I am extremely impressed and happy with what I hear every time I hit the play button!
I just added a Berkeley USB into the system. I know is another thread, but, wow, it's incredible.
More about Elrod, I am so convinced which I just bought a Statement Gold PC. I am waiting for the shipment.
I intend use it from the AC line to the distributor. Is there anyone of Gold's owners using it in this configuration?
I have at one point and it proved to be a great upgrade for the entire system as it brought great power to the main distribution point for the entire system. At present, I have it back on my amp and am planning to find another one as soon as this is practical to connect from the wall to my Purepower unit as I want that performance jump back in the system :-) !
Just arrived the Statement Gold.
I insert it between the ac outlet and the distribution. First impression, (a couple of minutes only) more reality in every musical instrument. The mids are much more natural without the slightest hint of hardness. Fantastic cable, it is also nice, a statement which made ​​my wife smile a lot.
Having read many comments around, I guess I'll have to wait a certain period so that the cables are able to give their best. After this period will insert my contribution.
The cables do sound great on day 1 however you'll want to give them a few days to start to settle in and at least 300-350 hours to fully break in. Enjoy!
I had a bit of time over the weekend to test and enjoy the Elrod Gold Statement PC.
The sound of my system in general has become more deeper, natural, real, with great presence of details while maintaining and enlarging the third dimension. The presence of detail it goes with the sweetness of midrange and treble. The sense of palpability of the instruments is real, truthful.
The audience never gets stressed out by the vehemence of special instrumental passages, especially in the case of orchestral pieces.
I am truly amazed by how it has changed the whole system sound
All the things you mention are consistent with what I've heard when I've added them to my system as well. It's amazing what a great PC component of this level can add to a system and help it realize
Hi Zephir24069, I see in your great system the presence of Shakti Hallograph's. I am looking for these such kind of "extreme esoteric" gears. May I know what kind of difference you hear by introducing Shakti items on your system?
The Shakti Hallographs have helped me tame challenging, bad and uneven rooms (non-matching wall openings, suck-outs, a large loft with a platform 2nd floor, double-high ceilings, etc...) in the my past residences. They also help me focus imaging to be exactly to my liking. In my current room, they are needed to a much smaller degree however I do like the "last touches" of refinement they allow me to put on the sound staging and imaging of the system.