Sound Anchor stands for B W 805 Matrix

Does anyone have experience with the sound anchor stands made for the matrix 805 how do they sound?
Hi, had these speakers w/these stands for many years and the improvement in bass response and mids was amazing. I also had Sound Anchor stands under my Matrix 801s, and currently use these stands under Boston Acoustics monitors and my ARC VT100 amp as well. They are worth every penny, hold their value well for resale, and look good to boot. They bring a whole new level to the definition of your speakers and amps. By the way, they are extremely HEAVY if you're thinking of buying them used from someone. Shipping will be expensive.
I concur with Sc53. I have a pair of Sound Anchors on my Matrix 803s. They are 7" tall and bring the mid-range driver to a perfect listening level. The stands are well-made, good looking and added clarity and tight bass. Good luck, Joel