Sound. Isn’t sound the quest? The ultimate goal? The bottom line? The reason or the basis for spending more money? The reason you are never satisfied? The rationale behind labeling yourself an Audiophile? Why I have to own six different Headphones? Does the obsession get in the way of common sense when it comes to an equalizer like the Schitt Loki and now the new Lokias?


I mean, I have what others have in Klipsch Forte… they are the first generation… they sound great. Some say Klipsch SOUND “tinny”, horny, or harsh. But hey, when I turned my Loki equalizer knobs back-left, down from neutral as I saw in a YouTube video, and played the “fine tune guy” for some differing musical genders, I can make my Forte I sound like a Forte IV, a JBL L100, Focal, etc. And add to that my SVS micro 5000 sub,  my Cary Rocket 88 tube amp, and the DAC in my  Bluesound Node…I mean, if that Loki equalizer working off “WHAT I HEAR” isn’t good enough… what sounds good to my own ears… why not use one? I find that would end discussions, (for some, arguments), about sound… Simply because tweeking KNOBS are not graphs, they are your EARS! They are your sound, according to your acoustics, and what SOUNDS GOOD to you… I mean, is it pride? Isn’t it true that “Ego is not your Amigo” when it comes to folks arguing about Sound? The book “ Get Better Sound”, (which I have)? Shouldn’t we be talking about “ Tweek to Better Sound”?

What do you think?






Fortunately the audio journey isn’t all ego. I’m old and speaking from experience, I agree with what you said to a point. Yet decades later, I only care about the music and not being competitive or owning a trophy system. 


I concur with your post above 100%.  I built a pass labs designed Amp, the ACA. I have a modi multibit, and use a Magni for a volume control. Speakers are a pair of NHT super ones from 23+ years ago.. I have this setup on my desk at home. I enjoy the heck out of this system.. as you say, I connect with the music and am amazed at how good it can sound for so little money..  The big rig is better in every way, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the 2nd system almost as much.. 

I can see the point of it BEING about the MUSIC. I mean, I’m 68 years old, and I thought closed  KOSS 4A Headphones, back in 1975, listening to ZZ Top, were the “cats meow”. 

I even like my Alpine car stereo in my 2009 Chrysler Town n Country, right, because it’s about the music SOUNDING good! But then, I fall back to the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE at a specific time that theMUSIC HITS ME… through each systems’ different SOUND… hmmm. 

@woowoo  I have neck injuries from the pro4AA’s , also bought back in the 70’s. Heavyweights .