Sota Reflex Clamp Loses Contact with Record

I've got a reflex clamp that I use on my Star Sapphire. I've notices a couple of times that if I simply lay the clamp on the record and push the lever down that the action of the clamping pushes the clamp up, leaving a gap between it and the record. I imagine that doesn't make the clamp very effective. If I apply a little pressure when I'm locking it down then it stays where it's supposed to, but this leaves me concerned about stressing the suspension.

Anyone else experience this and have any thoughts?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I think that's how a "reflex" clamp works? When you push the lever down, it lifts up a little on the spindle so that it can clamp onto it, thus the "reflex" action. I have always had to apply slight downward pressure to the clamp to make contact with the record.
I've had one SOTA table or another for years. Donna at SOTA advised me to simply put a solid object beneath the table just at the center point of the platter. Leave just enough room for the suspension to work but not so much that one stresses it when applying downward pressure on the record clamp.
Hmm. OK. That sounds like a reasonable solution. Half-a$$ed for such a well made table, but workable. I'll try that.
It could also be that the record is pulled down when the vacuum takes hold. since this is done after you lock the clamp a small gap results.

When I used the lock on the clamp, I would just press down slightly while locking the clamp. This resulted in no gap.

With the latest Cosmos, I took SirSpeedy's recommendation and simply use the clamp as a weight. This works well and is easier to use.

**The clamp is adjusted so it just lightly grips the spindle when applied. In fact, you just slip the clamp over the spindle without opening or closing the latch.
All good suggestions.

While we're at it, anyone have any problems with their cartridges bouncing off the clamp in the dead-wax? I have an AT OC-9 that hits the clamp on 90% of my vinyl. Its the body, not the stylus, but still, its a pain.
I have the Origin Live Illustrious coupled with a Shelter 90x and it does not exhibit any such problems.
I have a new NOVA. I've owned two Star Sapphires. It has not been my experience that with the vacuum the lp falls away from the Reflex Clamp because I have always clamped the Clamp down. Although weighty and given the great vacuum suction the clamp likely does positively impact matters if it is simply at rest atop the disc, it is a simple matter to clamp it down as it is designed to do.

The need for simply placing an object beneath the center of the table for eliminating stress on the suspension springs seems a minor matter given the high quality-for-the-money SOTA tables.

Heck, on A'Gon I wouldn't be too surprised to find someone selling an expensive wooden block for the purpose.
I have used the SOTA clamp with a number of different tts, starting with a SOTA Star Sapphire. A few years ago, I noticed the very same problem to which you refer. As others mentioned, I found that by applying some downward pressure while activating the clamp mechanism, the device SEEMS to be making good contact with the LP label. It still bothers me a bit, because the thing is useless if it is suspended in air over the LP. As a result, I very often just place the clamp over the spindle without clamping it down, particularly with my idler-drive tt, where clamping to the spindle could have a down side (transmission of vibration directly to the LP).
I just hold the suspension with my fingers forming a clamp with my thumb below table and my fingers holding the top so the springs dont really move when I push the clamp down onto album, I never placed anything under it and never bottomed anything out.
My friend has the Nova table and will only use his clamp with warped albums because his Clearaudio cart hits the clamp before the run out groove on most albums.
Take a look at a Bren1 record clamp sold here on Agon, Amazon and Ebay.
I manufacture them and have sold to many happy Sota users.