SOTA I-clamp vs Reflex clamp

I am trying to decide between these two. The price difference is steep enough to raise the question is one "better" than the other? I've seen a lot of reviews on the Reflex but very little on the I-clamp. Especially comparing them. Does anybody have experience with the I-clamp?
The Reflex clamp is way better than the i-Clamp. With the i-Clamp you just push down on it and turn the little knob on the top to keep it from moving.

The Reflex clamp actually grabs onto the spindle and when you lock it down it forces it's way down and locks the record tight. Plus, it's mass is higher and heavier and made like a tank. The i-Clamp is a light piece of plastic.

You wouldn't want to use the Reflex clamp on a lighter, sprung table.
I'll be using for a Thorens TD150... I wouldn't consider it lightly sprung.. But this is my first TT and I'd like to start out of the gate with the proper setup
One of the biggest mistakes I have made in audio is selling my SOTA Reflex Clamp. It is by far, the best clamp on the market for non-threaded spindles. If it were not for my VPI Aries being a threaded spindle type, I'd buy another but this time I would keep it for life!
I have both, and use the Reflex exclusively on my Sapphire. I tried the I-Clamp on my PL-15D, and it just didn't work all that well on that, either. Went with an old Audiocraft SD-600 clamping weight for the Pioneer - much more satisfactory. In general, mass is your friend.

Good luck & happy listening!
Mhighley96...I don't think your Thorens has quite enough mass for a reflex clamp. That clamp really needs a massive, heavy table to work properly.

I would recommend a weight instead. The Aluminati is fantastic and would work very well with your TD150. I have one one my Rega P25 and Matt threaded another for me, that I use on one of my VPI tables. These are truly excellent!
You might want to consider the Michell reflex clamp. It's light weight and you have the option of using it in reflex mode. It's supplied with a felt washer that you place on the spindle under the record. You clamp down with enough force to help flatten the record.

I have both Michell and Sota reflex clamps, but I rarely use them in reflex mode. Either will work to hold the record in place. The Michell is a bit shallower so extra tall spindles could be a problem. I doubt if that applies to Thorens, but I'm not sure.