Sota Cosmos IV

I am just about to get a new Sota Cosmos.....

Can I or would there be a benefit of using a PS Audio P300(with multiwave) to power the motor??
Very possibly , depending on the quality of the current at your location. The worse it is the more it will help,
I use a PS Audio 500 (multiwave) for my Nova V and I have absolute black and no detectable motor-speed variation.

For my ears the PS Audio augment's the table's capabilities.
If you motor is AC, then NO. Also, you will need the Multiwave II+ upgrade to be able to fine tune the the frequency by 0.0625hz steps instead of the standard 1hz step which is too course.
Forgot to mention that I have the full and latest upgrade to the PC500. Sorry 'bout that.
I have the latest modded P300 I guess its a yes!
I will use the P300 to power the motor.