Sony TA-A1ES

Hello I am new to all this audio stuff so please excuse the dumb questions

I live in an apartment building and my listening space is going to be something smaller (roughly 200 square feet) and so I do not need to (and cannot) turn the volume very loud.

I am planning on getting the Focal Sopra N°1 bookshelf loudspeakers since they do it for me in terms of sound and fit and looks and brand.

I want to go with an integrated amplifier as I really cannot tell the difference between amps anyway (from my limited listening experiences so far) and I also do not have the space for a full stack of separates. I was thinking about getting the Sony TA-A1ES as I have read good things about it (I have not gotten a chance to actually hear it yet) and like the Sony brand and it has an independent headphone amp.

Has anyone heard this combo?

Would the TA-A1ES (80 watts per channel/4-16 ohms speaker impedance) be a good match to drive the Sopra N°1s (25-150 watts recommended amplifier power/89 dB sensitivity/8 ohms nominal impedance/3.9 ohms minimal impedance) with my listening requirements?

What about the Sopra N°2s (40-300 watts recommended amplifier power/91 dB sensitivity/8 ohms nominal impedance/3.1 ohms minimal impedance)?

How is the headphone amp on the TA-A1ES?

Thank you

The Sony will work just fine with either Focal speaker. Same for the headphone output! Buy it and enjoy it! No need to worry so! All of today's integrated amps in that price range are competent performers and sound essentially alike!
I have a TA-A1ES, but have no idea how it will sound with the  Focals.  I have paired it with KEF LS50 and Revel M105 speakers and thought the sound was excellent.  

A few things worth mentioning though.  The bass is lacking when paired with larger speakers that can dig deep.  My KEF Reference 1 speakers produce a lot more bass when connected to other amplifiers.  And also consider what you might do with the amplifier long term.  It lacks a home theater bypass mode which limits the usefulness of the amp.