Sony PUA 7 to re-wire or not

Dear all I have a Sony PUA7 - or is it the PS-X  - actually I think it is the latter on the basis that the wires are just hanging out of the base.

I have quotes between £200 and £300 ukp to rewire it.

Is it worth doing? or should I just install a plug at the end?

Out of interest is the PUA 7 a knife-edge or gimbal design?

My intention was/is to install it onto a SONY TTS8000

Saec = master of disaster LOL

Is it possible that a miracle is needed to put these arms in the right position?

And once placed correctly can they be considered "the best"?
Dear @best-groove : You can make the SAEC/cartridge set up using Löfgren A or B in exactly the same way you do with any other tonearm/cartridge.

The " best " ?.  Well exist audiophiles that like the double knife bearing design, even today some of them are enthusiast of the vintage 3009 and 3012 by SME that comes with knife bearing kind of design.

SAEC is very good looking tonearm but for me certainly not the " best ".

^ "Knife-edge" seems to be a generic term with two connotations:

A) arms moves up/down on a sharp blade; it moves easily with minimal resistance and it’s great in that respect; basically, it replaced Uni-Pivot with a straight line, keeping the low resistance but adding horizontal stability.

And B) they’re not very good.

So "knife-edge" as a concept has a bad reputation. 

But not all knife-edge bearings are the same. The knife-edge bearings used by SME and SAEC are very different and can’t really be compared. Just looking at the bearings on their on shows extreme difference, not just in appearance but in action. SAEC’s "double" knife edge is genius, once you understand how it works. The rest of the SAEC arm I worked on wasn’t even close to the high standard of its bearing.

Jelco has introduced a new knife-edge design. I’ve only seen good, detailed close-up photos, but it’s radically different than either SME/SAEC and looks brilliant. SME’s design, from 60 years ago, is the simplest and has the most "slop". Later improvements by other were total departures from the primitive SME design, and eliminated slop.
@lohanimal : 
Please let us hear your impressions of the PUA-7. 
My current project is a bit of a clone of yours: A TTS-8000 being restored in Germany right now will be mounted in a TB-2000 plinth with my Helius Omega Ruby as one of the tonearms. I only need to figure out which other tonearm to use...I love this hobby ;-)
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