Sony DVP-S9000ES Sound Quality...etc....

There are a few good people out there offering mods on this Sony unit. I would like to hear from anyone with experience in listening to this unit stock vs. with mods and/or vs. with an outboard DAC vs. the stock unit with "Redbook" cd's. Thanks
This player sounds great as is - forget about the modifications! Also, it will probably void your 5 year ES warranty.
There ARE people out there offering mods of this unit and the mods WILL void the factory warranty. However, you simply have to ask the guy doing the mods what kind of guarantee he/she will give you for their work.

I am offering mods for the Sony 9000ES, SCD-1, 777ES and 333ES. Please contact me at if you are interested. I also have a website now at

Ric Schultz of EVS, Stan Warren of Supermods and Richard Kern are also offering mods.

I believe that the stock unit is good, but my mods have proven to take it to an entirely new level and there is a lot of potential in the unit to be tapped.

Good luck,

Dan W.
add a msb dac111 with it and it will make a huge diff on reg cd , very inexpensive and i would never go back without it.