Sonus Grand Piano Home vs. Red Rose R3

Time to retire the DQ10's, and have narrowed my search to two candidates: GP's or R3's. All opinions welcome (including alternatives).I'm starting with:
Audio Research SP9 MKII
McCormack DNA .5
Linn LP12 w/Ittok arm
Sony XA20ES CD
Transparent Music Wave Plus throughout
Both are excellent speakers. Be careful about version I vs version II of the Grand Piano. I liked version I a lot and my limited experience with version II is positive as well, but of course version I is no longer current and should sell for reduced price.

Don't be to quick to sell the Dahlquist IMO. I think you'll find that certain speakers of that era capture a lovely musicality that modern speakers don't always match - and the DQ-10 is one of them. Don't assume that you will prefer your new speakers until you break them in thoroughly (crucial!) and then do a comparison.

I have owned 7 pairs of Thiels and yet continue to use my oldest pair, the 04a's, in my office. It's the warmest and most forgiving. My 20 year old Gale speakers don't offer the resolution of my modern Thiels or Spendors or Proacs but they are thumpingly musical and lovely.

For either the SGP or RR3, the quality of your electronics will be crucial. The RR in particular seems to be very sensitive to quality of electronics. I have heard the RR sound spectacular (at the Red Rose store in NYC) and heard them sound just ok as well.
Adding to the above, I'm not sure the McCormack alone will drive the Gd Pianos so, do check that aspect out. IMO a very good & very honest piece of equipment -- I'm not suggesting a change, just a litle research (or maybe adding a 2nd .5...).
Good luck!