Sonus Faber website completey useless

Can anyone else figure out a use for their website? You can't find any information about the products they sell.

Try it and see..
Try this: Sonus Faber Concert Line or this: Sonus Faber Classic Line
Rel is on the right track. It seems that Sumiko now owns the distribution rights to Sonus Faber products (or owns the company outright). The main Sonus Faber Website is now at:

This is part of the overall Sumiko North America website at:

Sumiko has recently changed the websites of several of its recently acquired brands and these have not yet been updated on the Audiogon Manufacturer Info section. I recently found this out while looking into Primare products which are now distributed by Sumiko in North America.
It took me a while to figure out how to look at their products, but it was worth it! I think they make the most beautiful speakers.
I noticed the uselessness of that site a few months back- what a waste of time it was to even try to figure out how to navigate! There was no actual information there, just ideas and shimmering fades of images.
I think most people just shook their heads and gave up. A website that just has all fluff and no meat and potatoes. However, thank you Rel for giving a useful link for their products.