Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage

Anyone own these or have extensive experience? I heard these years ago at a dealer in a well setup room and they blew me away. Don't remember associated eq. Do they need a sub? Thanks for any input.
I own a pair. They still blow me away. To my ears, good tube amps are best...though the SF Musica amp is solid state and the designer supposedly used solid state amps to voice them. I use two subs with mine now, but had them sasn sub for about a year and was still quite happy. It all depends on your expectations, the music you listen to, and on the size of the room. In room, the Guarneris won't do a heck of a lot below 40 Hz. but will by no means sound anemic
I owned the Guarneri and prior I had the Electa Amators. I think the Guarneri are the nicest moving coil speakers I ever heard. They like a big space and they certainly enjoyed tubes. I used a REL sub with mine. They are also the most beautiful audio component I've ever seen. They are so refined and musical. I sort of miss them. I have Avantgardes now with low powered SET.
Thanks for the feedback guys - I've been on the road. I would love to hear these again - especially in my room. I'm going to give it a try.
I own these and after over a dozen high end speakers these are the ones I kept. I use them without a sub and am exremely happy. Once I do add a sub Ill probably be happier. I am using a Cary 805C for power and a SLP98P for pre, along with a 306/200 for CDP and a Music Hall MMF7 for analog. Amazing setup. You can find these used on agon for about $5k or less. BUT do not partner them with high power SS amps. They will sound muffled if yo do.