sonus faber grand piano home

I've just bought these speakers. Amplification is the audiomat arpege.
Which cd-player and cables will suit the best?
(cd player may cost 1000-1500 €, cables in the same pricerange)

Thx a lot.

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the Vecteur recommendation probably comes from a dealer or someone associated with Mutine, as they import both the Vecteur and audiomat line. I feel however that this is were compatibility and similarities end. I used to own both the Arpege (non-reference) and the Sonus Faber Grand Piano. I did have a Vecteur CD player but it was a terrible match, at least in my system. My best combination was (don't laugh now!) a Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD player. Smoked the Vecteur with more information, and on SACD, well, the Vecteur was not in the same league. Maybe it works well with the Arpege, but not if you are using Grand Pianos, as this combination will have too much emphasis on the higher end of the spectrum and sound ''digitized'' in most rooms ( I tried moving my system around from ''live'' rooms to ''dead'' rooms, large and small, with no success. But since you are somewhat an adventurer, getting these products (Audiomat and Vecteur) with little or no importer support, you may still give 'em a try, it may work in your set-up ! Good luck.