Sonic Impressions: Vandersteen 5 vs 5A

Ladies and Gentle'gons

I have heard the Vandersteen model 5's at length and am redy to commit long term to the speaker and the designer. I can (at a stretch) go for the upgraded model 5A's but no pair is within a reasonable distance to audition. Can those who have heard both speakers describe the sonics of the 5A using the 5s as a benchmark? Your time is much appreciated.

Music First
I've heard that the 5A's are quite a bit better. Even as good as the earlier 5's are.

I have a feeling it's mostly due to the genius behind the engineering marvels for the tweeter.

I would hope that it is a situation of the 'whole being greatermore the sum of the parts' which are essentially two new drivers and a class D sub amp for 40% more money....
I was told that unless you listen to SACD or Vinyl, you should not get the 5A's as you will not hear the difference. It was explained to me that the 5A was for those people who listen to the above sources and are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the slight improvement over the 5 to have the very best speaker available.
I haven't upgraded my Model 5's yet, but if you haven't made a decision yet you should call Richard Vandersteen and ask him your question.

He will be more than happy to tell you exactly all the differences between the two versions and guide you in the correct direction.

You can always upgrade to the 5A later if you wish without having to send the whole speaker cabnet in to the factory.