Sonic Frontiers Line 3 vs SE version

I have heard the older line 3 and it sounds very nice. Has anyone compared it to the newer special edition model. I am thinking of getting an SE model. Thanks.
go for the SE.Its the same unit with better parts and better sound.
It looks like the New Line 3 SE model retails for $6000, and you cen get a new regular Line 3 for about $2,700 from upscale audio, and a used one for about $2,100. I think the regular Line 3 is a much better buy. Look at the feaute set of the enhancements included in the Line 3 SE, and you'll see that they're minimal. The tubes you can replace youself - I already replaced mine with Siemens and it sounds like a dream. My advice is not to squander your money on the SE - not worth it at all. Good luck.
I agree. Buy the regular Line 3. SF will be offering an upgrade to SE in the next few months so if the upgrade is less then $4K your money ahead to buy the current version. I just upgraded tubes which is most of the SE upgrade anyway (plus better caps and resisters)