Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE Tweaks

Has anyone tried different tubes in this preamp?
I know it is supposed to have upgraded tubes, but I am just curious.
I've tried several tube changes with my Line-3 (NOT the SE model), and I think the single largest improvement was the replacement of the 6922s at position LV1 and V2 with Amperex JAN 7308s. I am not sure what the SEs have in those two positions, but this change was recommended by Kevin at Upscale Audio. My system was a little too bright in the high-mids, which the 7308s brought under control somewhat. Related equipment: Rowland 8TiHC and Aerial 10ts.
I have the standard Line 3 and have also replaced positions LV1 and V2 with Amperex JAN 7308s. When the Line 3 was first breaking in I preferred the stock Sovteks to the 7308s. The Sovteks later became bright and thin sounding with an emphasis in the upper mids/lower treble. Reinserting the 7308s made a large difference. Bass articulation improved, the bass became deeper and more fleshed out, especially the mid and upper bass, the highs were less harsh, and the midrange became richer, all without loosing the Line 3's linear qualities.