Sonic Frontiers Line 3 - Get the SE Upgrade?

Hey folks...was wondering if some owners or listeners of the Line 3 SE could chime in on the benefits of getting the $1300 upgrade to the Line 3 SE from the Line 3.

I heard the upgraded Line 3 and to my ears it is not worth $1300. These people must be taking lessons from Audio Research.
the word "worth" is very subjective. To my ears, they are worth every penny. You can sell your Line 3 and buy an ARC Ref 2 Mk 2 for $2500 more and Line 3 SE will still give the ARC a run for the money. Line 3 SE is in the same league as ARC Ref 2, BAT 50SE, and CJ, it's even better than CAT SL-1 Ultimate in many area. If you like the sound of your Line 3, you will like your Line 3 a lot more after upgrade.
So, I've heard...anyone else with experience with this amazing pre?
I better chime in here, I owned a Line 3 running it on NOS tubes for the outputs....had it about 3 years, liked it enough to trade in on the 3SE, and I HEARD improvements in every area......and believe me I knew the Line 3 well, lots of hours......IMO the 3SE is in another league. You need to have good enough associated equipment to hear the difference.

I didn't realize SF was offering Preamp upgrades? I was waiting for the announced upgrade of the Processor 3, which never happened when the company was purchased.

IMO SF preamps represent a good value.
Thanks for the feedback Sternart, i also thought the SF was a good value. Still has tech support, its upgradeable, and does everything the BAT 50SE and ARC Ref can do, but in its own way...I hope to compare these units someday...i'm really considering this SE upgrade...