Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE

Hi everybody I am now using the following in my system;anthem amp 1, anthem pre 2l, njoe tjoeb 4000 cdp and meadowlsrk shearwater hotrods. I am thinking of upgrading my pre 2l to the sf line 2se. Any thoughts? Thanks
Hi Stereodad; I have used the SF Line 2 for about 3 years and consider it excellent. I haven't heard the new SE version, but it uses a set of 6 Valvo tubes, and I suspect those tubes are the main reason for the sonic differences in the SE.

I say this because I tried the Valvo's in my std. Line 2, and there was quite a difference. The Valvos are much more sweet, euphonic, and "tubey" sounding. It was a sound that I didn't care for. I preferred the the much more neutral Sovtek tubes, but many like the Valvo sound.

I have also tried other "exotic" tube sets including one that had a pair of Siemens 7308s and 4 6LN7s-- didn't like that either. But I would emphasize that whether or not you would like the Valvos is such a personal thing that the only way you could tell is to actually listen to it yourself, preferrably in your own system. I know this is kind of the "stock" answer to such questions, but in high end audio it really is true.

Personally, I would like to try the new SE version Line 2 with Sovtek tubes. Good Hunting. Craig.
I replaced my KRC 3 with an SF line 2SE and I consider it an upgrade as the Line 2SE got me closer to what I wanted to hear on my system. The neutrality and quietness of this preamp is just astonishing.
I'm using it with an EMC 1 CDP,Krell FPB 200 amp and Thiel CS3.6 speakers.
I bought mine from Kevin Deal (call him and talk to him about it,he's a nice guy and he knows his SF), My unit came with Siemens ECC88/6DJ8 NOS tubes made in Germany. It will take almost a week of continious play before it will really open up but once it does you will be thankful you bought it. I also tried valvos E88CC NOS on mine but I went back to the Siemens, personal taste I guess.
A better upgrade would be going to a different amp-such as the Rogue 88. I replaced my amp 1 and it made a huge difference in the sound. The difference in cost with the 2se wouldn't make up for the dificiency in the amp1, a nice amp but not in the same league as the Rogue.
Thanks for the help everybody. I am also thinking of upgrading to the Cary cd303 cdp, so my journey continues.
If your still looking for a Line 2 SE. I have a Line 1 SE for sale that may do the trick. You can save some $$$.