Sonatina II spikes and stability questions:

Does anybody have problems with the Sonatina II stock spikes? After installing them (my room is heavily carpetted), the speakers are not ver stable standing up (only 3 spikes per speaker). What you most of the owner out there are doing? Do you get bigger spikes? Are there any stands that will make these speakers stable? I rather use something that will make the speahers stance wider for stability that the longer spikes. Any suggestions are greatly absorbed. Thanks
I adjust the height of one of the back spikes to make the speaker stand vertical.

Any slight deviation in your floor being level (or spikes being same height) will be hugely magnified, visually, by the tall slender Sonatina II.

BTW, for fun I tried placing a cement block on spikes on my carpet, and then the Sonatina on spikes on the cement block. It has a very lovely, highly resolving sound.

I have Sonatina I's and have installed new spikes with good results. Check out the link. There is also a company that sells outrigger straps that will give your speakers a wider footprint. Not sure of the name.
Personal preference, but because of size, weight, and location of the speakers (easy to accidentally bump into and possibly tip over, vs. equipment in a rack), I always use 4 devices under each corner of the speakers, not 3 devices (tripod style) as under my electronics!
With the spikes, the bass performs wonderfully- a great difference than without spikes. But since it was design with 3 spikes, it is very unstable standing upright, especially on carpet. I guess I am hearing fromm owners that you all are OK with the unstable conditions???? If not, how did you solve that problem? Thanks
I find it's pretty stable, but not as stable as it would be with four leveled spikes. I suspect he used three spikes because of the backward lean, the majority of the weight is on the back two spikes anyway.
I just called Sound Anchor to order base stands for these (have to be custom-made). I will have to wait 4 weeks to get them and test them out. I will let you all know my findings.