Some CD's won't play... what's wrong?

Hi all

My Krell 300CD player has trouble playing some CD's which used to play perfectly before. You can hear the drive trying to read the disk, but then it gives up. The CD's that can't play are in good condition, some even brand new. I can sometimes 'force' the player to read an obstinate disk by disconnecting at the mains and re-connecting, or opening and closing the drawer a few times. Certain CD's play fine every time.

Is it time to replace the drive mechanism, or can the laser be re-aligned or something?
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Someone just started this thread:

Don't know if it's the same model as yours, but it sounds like you're going to need to send it back to Krell.
Have you cleaned the laser?
Sounds like you may need a new laser pickup. Sounds like the exact same problem I had with my Rotel.
I had the exact same problem with my 300CD. I called Krell and they recommended cleaning the laser head with a dry q-tip. I tried it and now I have no problems at all. Give it a shot.