Some CD's I just Ordered...Any Thoughts?

I just ordered a few xrcd's i haven't heard any of them before, but they looked very much like id enjoy them...any comments on them from people who have heard them...both musically and sonicly?

Pictures at an Exhibition...Riener Chicago Symphony Orchestra XRCD
Take Love Easy, Ella Fitzgeral and Joe Pass XRCD
Bill Evans and Tony Bennett, XRCD
Wait until you hear "Take Love Easy". It is wonderful both musically and sonically!
The Mussorgsky is better on the newer SACD release.

Dont have an sacd player so thats not a concern..i assume the xrcd is still sonically a good recoding
I've never had any CD that "looked very much that I'd enjoy it":-)
okay...based on my musical tastes, and previous listening experiences with other material from these artists/ other recordings of these pieces, i would expect that these particular recodings would be ones that I would enjoy :)