Snell speaker repair near Sacramento

I have two pairs of Snell type A speakers - one A and one AIII. The cabinets are perfect, and I love the sound, but they are old, need some work - re-foaming at a minimum I am told. I have talked to Atomic in MA, but shipping would be difficult, though they could ship me parts. Does anyone know of someone in the Sacramento CA area who might be interested in doing the work?
I would suggest removing and shipping only the drivers that need repair. Shipping the entire speaker is unnecessary.
OC Speaker Repair

While not in your back yard these guys are closer and they do excellent work.

Best of Luck

Thank you for the responses. I am hoping to find someone local as I am reluctant to ship and not eager to reinstall the drivers myself. I could buy them from OC or Atomic, but would like to find someone comfortable installing them.
If you're inclined to give it a go, replacing the foam surrounds on your speakers is not very difficult. I did it for my old Audio Note AN/J speakers a couple of years ago following these instructions:

Use white speaker glue (that dries clear). One tip I learned is to play a 30 hz tone through the speaker at low volume to make sure the voice coil is not rubbing. Since the glue is slow drying it is possible to stretch the surround a bit to reposition if necessary. If you hear no rubbing, let dry and test again. Let the glue set overnight and the speakers are ready to use.

I took my time and was patient doing the first speaker. The second one took about half the time. You don't need to remove the drivers from the speaker to do the repair.
I used Google and searched for "loudspeaker repair, sacramento, ca" and found quite a few firms you might call.
Try Deets Sound Room in Sacramento.
Thank you all for the suggestions. Will call Deets tomorrow;