smoother, liquidy sound CAP 101 or MF A3.2?

I have the opportunity to puchased either a used Musical
Fidelity A3.2 or Classe CAP 101 integrated amp. They
will be used with Monitor Audio RS1 monitors and Music
Hall CD25.2 cd player.
Which of these two amps will be the more smoother,
liquidy, comfortable sounding?
I love the build quality of both of these amps, but im
torn between which one to buy!
I have not heard of the MF A3.2 but have owned the Classe CAP-100 which is quite similiar to the CAP-101. If you want smooth and warm, the Classe will fit the bill. I have paired this integrated with B&W CDM1SE and N805 and got great results with an unfatiguing sound. Also, keep in mind that the room is an important factor as a bright sound may be caused by poor room acoustics apart from the associated equipment.
I own the CAP-101 and use it with Harbeth M30's to my great satisfaction. As Ryder said, if you want smooth and warm, Classe is the way to go.
Boy I hate to rock the boat but my experience is a little different. FWIW, I am speaking from experience with Classe and MF but not the exact models you are referring to. Hence, I am commenting on what I believe is the "house sound."

I would say that MF definitely has a smoother more rounded and warmer sound. Almost tube like if I dare. Classe is not bright at all, it actually may even be considered a little dark. Classe gear has always thrown a terrific soundstage with lots of space and depth.

Both are top notch performers and should match well with that B&W tweeter.