smoother-Haydn Grand or SF Domus??

Trying to decide between the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand
and the Sonus Faber Concertino Domus. Since I have found it
virtually impossible to try to find a shop that carries both
for auditioning in my asking this question.

Which speaker will prove to be the more smoother, more
listenable, non fatiquing sound?

Thank you
It's of each brand's original models, but I can offer a comparison.

In early 2000, I auditioned the 1st-gen VA Haydn in my home and thought it was a very well balanced and smooth sounding monitor. A year later, I purchased a pair of 1st-gen Concertinos from the same shop that let me borrow the Haydns. The comparison has a lot of time between it, so my observations are from memory.

Overall, I felt the Concertinos presented a rounder, more organic sound than the Haydns which seemed a bit closer to "neutral". Both however, were very very smooth. I think the Haydns have a more precise sound, but are never clinical sounding. They don't seem to really emphasize any part of the spectrum. The Concertinos by contrast have a more prominant midrange. They're also slightly bloated in the bass and consequently less nuanced in those regions.

From what I remember, both monitors used the same tweeter, but that could have changed with the subsequent model upgrades. It could also be that the Sonus Faber's rounder midbass might create the illusion of less prominant high frequencies which could manifest itself as an overall smoother sound.

At the time, my system was on the lean side and that's why I opted for the Sonus Fabers, but given my system today which incorporates more tube gear, I might go with the Vienna Acoustics. It would be interesting to do another comparison.

Lastly, both monitors are beautifully crafted and are probably the most attractive I've owned. Both are works of art.

I hope this helps.
The Grand and Domus series are very different than the previous and have only been on the market a few months. I just happen to have a pair of Haydn Grands on loan now and will let you know what I think. They sounded a bit closed in and "hooded" at the store (very unfamiliar electronics) but store (Overture Audio, Ann Arbor) said they only had 20-30 hours. However, the tone was very good with a quite natural presentation. I've been burning them in the last few hours and will listen with my stuff (EAR 890 70wt tube amp and Joule Electra LA150II tube pre) later tonight.

I also listened to the Concertino Domus at the store which is a completely different speaker than the Home. Different cabinet, drivers, crossover. It was very similar in tone and timbre to the Haydn but maybe a little more open. Bass was surprisingly good on both but maybe more "readable" with the SF. I intend to home audition the Domus later this week.

The new cherry finish on the Viennas is gorgeous. Don't know how they can do it for the prices - beats the Chinese made Von Schweikerts and Onixes.