SME Headshell: Fixed or detachable?

What are the advantages or drawbacks of fixed and detachable headshells on SME IV arms? This will go onto an Oracle Delphi V table.

And I may as well ask for a suitable cartridge recommendation while I'm at it...?

(Just sold my VPI HW19-III).

Make sure you go for fixed head shell version ONLY.
The detachable headshell has an advantage of not using it at all and to use the arm-mounting cartridges. It also has a resonance with armtube which is the main reason getting fixed head shell only.

A smarter investment will be Graham arm in comparison to SME.
Thanks, marakanetz...I was trying to tell myself that the structural rigigity of the one piece arm would yield better results...though I wasn't sure. And which Graham arm? (They are quite a few more
I agree, fixed headshell much better. Please email if you would like, I know several dealers that discount both arms. Thanks.
Currently I can only afford for myself Graham 1.5 which is no longer produced and very hard to find. Even if I will not be able to get Graham 1.5 I will still wait and pass on SME arms in favor of Graham arm for my next upgrade(not too soon but makes a sence to me). Other models are quite a bit more expencive but if you will order your arm directly from UK, you will be in fair price difference. Visit to take a look.