Smartphone with Audiophilleo for server/streaming external DAC - How good will it sound

I buy a new Android smartphone every 2-3years or so. Just got a new one and I currently have two older ones (on top of my new one) that I keep just in case my new one gets lost-stolen-broken-etc. They both can handle 512G micro SD cards – which would be enough for a good chunk of my 16/44.1 Flac files library.

The USB audio PRO player app’ can stream Tidal in 16/44.1 (and more actually) in Bit perfect, as well as it can play the library on the microSD card from the phone. Other app's can also do it I think.

What if I plugged an Audiophilleo in between such a smartphone and my DAC (as a USB to s/Pdif converter) ?

Wouldn’t I then have a pretty good HIFI “server/streamer” feeding Bit perfect with very low jitter (that is the Audiophilleo’s promises) and very low (about none at all) noise since the current is coming strictly from the phone battery with the added isolation between the phone and DAC by the Audiophilleo ?

Downside (beside the cost of the AP) ?

The phone’s limit for much higher resolution like DSD maybe (but I can live with that) ? There is also the problem with the phone’s battery that won’t last for many long hours of listening but who cares if I can swap with another one ready and fully charged.

Anyone tried that ?

Do I miss something (technical problem) ?

Could anyone that owns an AP try it – and make a comparison with a good “server/streamer” ?

Thank you

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