smartphone to system

Due to some family issues I've been out of audio for a while, but I have managed to retain my main system. Forgive me if this is a dumb question..but..

I have a MHDT Paradisea+ USB DAC in my system. The USB-in is the standard-b square plug (like those used for some printers).

I have a Galaxy S3 smartphone that also serves as my wifi-hotspot internet connection.

You gotta see the question coming..I'd like to run pandora or mog to my main system from the phone. Is there a way to connect the usb port(micro-b?) in the phone to the standard-b usb port in the can't be so simple as finding a cable and plugging them together..can it?
It would appear the Arcam rBlink receiver with its digital output to my existing DAC is an answer.

..good discussion.. :)