Smart Home Audio

My company does whole house audio, it can scale from basic Russound speakers to as high quality as people want to pay for. We do mounted, recessed, whatever, and also can hardwire everything because we prewire the houses as they’re being built.showbox

Is there a smart home audio system that can be integrated with smart homes? What’re the options, and what’re your personal opinions on devices? usps tracking


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Cool post. 

To answer your question, yes smart home audio systems exist. 

Sonos in ceiling speakers are probably your best option. Many folks I know who live in really big houses love their Sonos T.V. sound bars. They are very popular and can be configured quite easily. 

I once visited a relative who had some Sonos speakers in her kitchen. Wall mounted, so she controlled it with a Sonos amp and to be honest it sounded amazing for such a small set.